Coronavirus pandemic 2020

With the current pandemic that the country is undergoing, the company ensures that the workers are taking safety precautions to preserve their health and hygiene. Apparently we are on alert 4 for four weeks so we are not able to provide services to our clients. Once the alert goes down to level 3, we can resume our work provided that we will be using mask and gloves when coming near the client. If in case one of our workers need to isolate we will let the family know immediately and get somebody to cover as soon as we can.

Your Trusted Partner in Healthcare

Connie’s Angels Homecare Ltd in Paraparaumu Beach, Paraparaumu is a boutique care service provider that offers consistent and personalized care to clients below the age of 65. We offer an inimitable program that offers a combination of professional expertise and personally tailored solutions.

What Sets Us Apart

Unlike other commercial agencies that have lots of different carers, we aim to provide you with a caregiver who suits you. We take the time to truly understand your needs and find the best one based on skills, training, expertise and even personality.

Our Mission

Connie’s Angels Homecare Ltd aims to provide an excellent standard of care by promoting successful ageing in place. Whatever your condition or situation may be, we guarantee that we can pair you up with a caregiver who is best suited for you.

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